Here are some frequently asked questions according to our statistics. Welcome to contact us for learning more.

Do you provide OEM & ODM services?

- Yes as we have been partnering with brands regional & global. And we honor the NDA “Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement” signed.

Could you provide freight services?

- To most countries & regions, we could provide air & ocean freight services to destined city / port, or even door to door.

What is the online support time?

- 7/24.

How soon will you respond to the email sent to you?

- Within 1 hours.

Do you have stock?

–Yes, to shorten delivery time, we do keep stock ready for immediate production for the most of product range.

Do you have MOQ?

–No. We believe big changes start with small first steps.

What’s the packaging?

– Depending on the types and applications of LED display, the packaging options are plywood (non-timber), flight case, carton box etc.

What’s the delivery time?

–It depends on the LED display model and the inventory & stock status. Typically it’s 10-15 days upon receipt of deposit.

How many years for warranty?

– The standard limited warranty is 2 years. Depending on the customers & projects conditions, we might offer extended warranty and special terms, then the warranty is subject to the terms of signed agreements.

What kind of size could you design my LED display?

– Virtually any size.

Could I get a customized LED display?

– Yes, we can design LED Displays for you, in many sizes and many shapes.

What's the lifetime of LED display?

– The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions.LED display ends lifetime when the frontal brightness has decreased to 50% of its original brightness.

How to Buy Envision LED Display ?

– For a quick LED Display quotation, you can read the following and select your own options, then our sales engineers will make the best solution and quotation for you immediately. 1. What will be displayed on the LED Display?(Text, pictures, videos...) 2. What kind of environment will the LED display be used in?(Indoor/outdoor...) 3. What is the minimum viewing distance for the audience in front of the display? 4. What is the estimated size of LED display you want? (Width & height) 5. How will the LED display be installed?(Wall Mounted/on roof/on pole...)