Outdoor Fixed LED Display for permanent installation

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With superior picture quality and exceptional durability, Envision Outdoor Fixed LED Display elevates the conventional viewing experience. Featuring front and rear maintenance, full wireless, high brightness up to 10000cd/m2 ,excellent high temperature resistance and high flame retardant performance. In addition, Outdoor Permanent LED Display can save 50% of power and energy consumption.

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The Best Common Cathode Aluminum Display

Security & Reliability


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Protective Performance

Strong Flame Resistance: Aluminum material, high temperature durability, fast heat-dissipation. The whole product can Reach 5VB fireproofing level.

Protective Performance

Protecting Rating (front and rear): IP66 Full sealed die-casting aluminum module chassis. Water proof connectors(between modules) Drain hole is designed at the bottom of the panel to prevent ponding. IP66 : the high standard of Waterproofing Can be immersed in the specified water pressure for a long time.



Recycling, Environment and Economy

Die-casting aluminum chasis, recycle rate 90% for the whole product. Stable and Reliable •Long lifetime. •30% Redundance while use 7000nits. Using 10000nits,3000nits can sustain 7000nits using for 5 years. •Good heat dissipation performance.

Elegant Design

Cable-less deisgn Power and data cables are hidden at the bottom of the panel Hard Connection BTB connector replace data and power cables, high stability. Multiple size Available: 960*1280/960*960/960*640/1440*1280/ 1440*960mm Customized design Support custimzed 90°screen



Longer Warranty

3 years warranty for LED module (10000nits version).

Light Weight

Weight: 28KG/㎡ for Aluminum frame Weight: 35KG/㎡ for mental frame Thickness: 75mm

Low Maintenance Cost



Why “Accuracy”?

● The die-cast aluminum module achieves seamless splicing and high flatness.

● Metal material up to 90%. Don't contains Any Plastic.

Module Contrast

Traditional LED screen use many screws when to install or maintain. Aluminum chasis adopt edge lock without screwing design. • Traditional LED screen unconcealed components. Aluminum chasis adopt full sealed design, to protect its internal components.

  Plastic Ratio Aluminum Ratio
Recycling 1% 85%




High ROI

CCES:Common Cathode Energy Saving

High Brightness:SMD 10000nits Low power consumption. Noise-free Aluminum PSU



Why “10000nits”?

●Compared with the traditional SMD technology, 5000~6500 nits brightness is not easy to be seen in the strong sunlight.

●LED attenuation: brightness 5%-9% reduction every year. after 5 years Platinum still has around 7000nits.

●Calibration: After 2~3 years usage, after calibration, there is still strong brightness.

Ventilation around the screen

Save Power Consumption Platinum P10mm Above 7000nits General P10mm 6000nits
  Average 150w/sqm Average 300w/sqm
1 DAY *100SQM 360(KW.h)
1 YEAR*100SQM 100,000(KW.h)
3 YRS*100SQM 300,000(KW.h)
5 YRS*100SQM 500,000(KW.h)

✸Ventilation around the screen Heat dissipation gap between the module and the cabinet, better heat dissipation effect

✸Fast cooling system 0.43sqm for each module 0.24sqm for each power supply box


Advantages of The Outdoor Fixed LED Display

Pixel detection and remote monitoring.

Pixel detection and remote monitoring.

High brightness

High Brightness up to 10000cd/m2.

Easy to install and maintenance

In case of failure, it can be easily maintained.

Entirely front & rear dual service, efficient and fast.

Entirely front & rear dual service, efficient and fast.

High precision, solid and reliable frame design.

High precision, solid and aluminum frame design.

Quick installation

Quick installation and disassembly, saving working time and labor cost.

High quality with a low maintenance cost, low failure rate

High reliable and long lifespan. Strong and robust quality to withstand rigid climate and 7/24 hours working.

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  • Item Outdoor P5 Outdoor P6 Outdoor P8 Outdoor P10
    Pixel Pitch 5mm 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
    lamp size SMD2525 SMD2727 SMD3535 SMD3535
    Module size 480mmx320mm
    Module resolution 96*64dots 72*48dots 60*40dots 48x32dots
    Module weight 3kgs 3kgs 3kgs 3kgs
    Cabinet size 960x960x72mm
    Cabinet resolution 192*192dots 144*144dots 120*120dots 96x96dots
    Module quanity
    Pixel density 40000dots/sqm 22500dots/sqm 15625dots/sqm 10000dots/sqm
    Material  Aluminum
    Cabinet Weight 25kgs
    Brightness 8000-10000cd/㎡
    Refresh rate 1920-3840Hz
    Input Voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
    Power Consumption(Max. / Ave.) 500/150 W/m2
    IP rating(Front/Rear) IP65
    Maintenance Front and rear Service
    Operating Temperature -40°C-+60°C
    Operating Humidity 10-90% RH
    Operating Life 100,000 Hours

    Outdoor Fixed LED Display for permanent installation3 (1) Outdoor Fixed LED Display for permanent installation3 (2) Outdoor Fixed LED Display for permanent installation3 (3) Outdoor Fixed LED Display for permanent installation3 (4)