The Indoor Rental LED Display Panel

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Indoor Rental LED display refers to the LED display that can be provided to the event organizer for rental. The structure of rental led display should be light, thin, fast assembly and disassembly, and it has different installation methods compared with the fixed installation of led display screen.

For example, a set of rental LED screen for professional stage activities stay in a position for a few days or a specific period of time. Then, it will be demolished and moved to another place to participate in other recent activities such as concerts. Participants can get clear and vivid pictures from a distance. Therefore, rental led screen may be a good solution for these rent applications.

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Rental LED Displays are using slim and light weight die-casting aluminum cabinet and flight case package to use led screens for different events usage. Except the slim and light weight, the rental cabinet has other features like fast lock design, navigation connectors for power and data, magnetic module, hanging beams and so on. The special features of the rental led display cabinets enables the customers can install and uninstall the led screen very fast. So they buy the screen and rent the screen to different events like wedding, conference, concert, stage show, and after the show is finished, they will uninstall and take back to their warehouse or another events. These kind of cabinets are very popular all over the world.

Advantages of Our Indoor Rental LED Display

Metal heat dissipation, ultra-quiet fan less design.

Fan-less design and Front-end Operation.

High precision, solid and reliable frame design.

High precision, solid and reliable frame design.

Wide viewing angle, clear and visible images, attracting more audiences.

Wide viewing angle, clear and visible images, attracting more audiences.

Quick installation

Quick installation and disassembly, saving working time and labor cost.

High refresh rate

High refresh rate and grayscale, providing excellent and vivid images.


Flexible adaptation to various applications and creative settings for specific activities.

High Contrast Ratio

High Contrast Ratio. Mask fixation by screws, better evenness and uniformity. More than 3000:1 contrast ratio, clearer and more natural images displaying.

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  • Item Indoor  P2.6 Indoor P2.97 Indoor 3.91mm
    Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.97mm 3.91mm
    Module size 250mmx250mm
    lamp size SMD1515 SMD1515 SMD2020
    Module resolution 96*96dots 84*84dots 64*64dots
    Module weight 0.35kgs
    Cabinet size 500x500mm and 500x1000mm
    Cabinet  resolution 192*192dots/192*384dots 168*168dots/168*336dots 128*128dots/128*256dots
    Module quanity
    Pixel density 147456dots/sqm 112896dots/sqm 65536dots/sqm
    Material Die-Casting Aluminum
    Cabinet Weight 8kgs
    Brightness ≥1000cd/㎡
    Refresh rate ≥3840Hz
    Input Voltage AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
    Power Consumption(Max. / Ave.) 660/220 W/m2
    IP rating(Front/Rear) IP30
    Maintenance Both Front and Rear Service
    Operating Temperature -40°C-+60°C
    Operating Humidity 10-90% RH
    Operating Life 100,000 Hours

    Indoor Rental LED Display22 (1) Indoor Rental LED Display22 (2) Indoor Rental LED Display22 (3) Indoor Rental LED Display22 (4) Indoor Rental LED Display22 (5) Indoor Rental LED Display22 (6) Indoor Rental LED Display22-2

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